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Walking & Nature

Have a quick walk around the block if you don’t get out very often. Daily fresh air is important. Even five minutes will make a difference.

Breathe in the fresh air (see above). The more time you spend outdoors the better. If you can, walk somewhere green and reconnect with nature.

Being in nature has many benefits for health and well-being, yet it has become alien for many people. Most of us know we feel better when out in nature; the fresh air, the smell of the grass and trees, the sound of the birds, the beautiful scenery and sky; we are part of nature and yet we have become so far removed from it.

Our microbiome flourishes when in nature. Stand on the ground with bare feet, close your eyes, breathe in the air and let it energise you cleansing your lungs and whole being. Let the breeze gently soothe your skin, feet firmly rooted to the ground; knowing that you are part of something magnificent.

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Martin Jones
Michelle Murray
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